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Float Room

Suspended in the well-being!

The Float Room is a floating room and as such it causes a general relaxation of the body which is reflected first of all on the muscles, but which then also affects physical and mental stress. In fact, there is a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate. Thanks to the magnesium sulfate hypersaturation solution, the action of gravity is eliminated, thus keeping the body in a constant floating phase.

The benefits you get by immersing yourself in our tank:

Musculoskeletal system

  • The relaxing effect on the backbone due to the floatation, in which the back receives a boost from the bottom up, relaxes the muscles and contributes to the treatment of back
  • adjuvant in the treatment of arthritis and osteoarthritis pain
  • accelerator of the healing process of contractures and tears
  • soothing of muscle pain and decontracting in cramps

Circulatory apparatus

  • the salt contained in the water is useful for all the pathologies from circulation
  • guarantees a more effective venous return and a better elimination of liquids and is therefore suitable for swollen and heavy legs, cellulitis, peripheral circulation

Respiratory system

  • thanks to the salts contained in the vapors gives a beneficial effect to the respiratory
  • tract recommended in cases of asthma, cooling diseases and sinusitis

Benefits on the skin

  • indicated especially in patients with psoriasis
  • The benefits are not only for those who have psoriasis, but in general the skin becomes smoother and more luminous you perceive a sensation of a new skin
  • We do not use in chemical additives in our tanks