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A special massage technique that allows the lymphatic drainage of tissues: the technique with which manual lymphatic drainage is expressed consists of a precise manual application applied to the body with touches and circular or pump movements which, by modifying the pressure of the tissues, allows the lymph better circulation. It is mainly used to obtain an edema resorption effect and it also has an action on the neurovegetative system, in particular on the parasympathetic system, causing an inhibition of muscle tone and an improvement of tissue trophism.

  • Lymphatic 3
    Lomi Lomi

    This Hawaiian massage, which is practiced mostly with forearms, acts on the body bringing benefits to the lymphatic, circulatory, respiratory and muscular system. You will be massaged with fine oils: muscle blocks and tensions will melt as if by magic, with positive effects on any "past wounds".

  • Lymphatic 4

    It consists in activating all the elements and energy points, working on muscular tensions with alternating rhythm maneuvers. Stimulates the metabolism and vital functions, acts on the nervous system, physical and mental fatigue thanks to the spicy aroma of essential oils that eliminate mental tensions caused by stress.

  • Lymphatic 5

    It reduces muscle tension, stimulates local microcirculation and removes lactic acid and metabolic waste produced during sport. Useful in muscle preparation for physical activity that allows to improve and activate the performance of the muscles involved. Ideal for those who practice sports.

  • Lymphatic 6
    Relax head-face-neck

    Thanks to the gentleness of its movements, it eliminates the situations caused by tension in the area of the head and of the facial muscles and contractions in the neck area. Stimulates the muscles through targeted dexterity that bring back to a psycho-physical balance.

  • Lymphatic 7

    Slimming, draining and firming, for an effective reduction of cellulite: “rubbing, dough” method and torsion help to improve circulation in the lymphatic system that reduce fat deposits, thus eliminating skin blemishes.

  • Lymphatic 8

    Based on an ancient Japanese discipline, it is based on widespread stretching throughout the body that combined with acupressure benefits in the meridians of acupuncture, freeing them from energy stagnation and bringing the body to self-healing.

  • Lymphatic 9

    Passive yoga exercises with stretching and specific pressure in the muscles. For better movement agility and greater energy in acupuncture meridians.

  • Lymphatic 10

    It exerts a special pressure with the thumbs in the reflex points of the foot, giving benefit to the lymphatic system and skeletal muscle including an intense benefit to the main organs.

  • Lymphatic 11
    Hot Stone massage

    Massage with lava stones that gives a general well-being thanks to the heat of the stones and the minerals that they contain. It helps the metabolism, eliminates cellulite and relieves the pain caused by osteoarthritis.