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Marycohr facial treatment

  • Marycohr facial treatment 3

    Professional method of deep cleaning and treating action. A deep cleansing by means of "sauna effect" and with the "Double ionization" of the active active ingredients, your skin will shine with beauty already at the end of the treatment.

  • Marycohr facial treatment 4

    A special lifting treatment with muscle stimulation (passive gymnastics). Thanks to this massage the drainage of your face will be favored, thus obtaining a lifting effect from the first session

  • Marycohr facial treatment 5
    Peel & lift

    Peeling with fruit acids for a luminous skin from the first treatment. The fruit acids of the "Peel & Lift" treatment delicately dissociate the crater bonds between the dead cells and the living cells, to bring out the splendor of the new cells.