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The treatment involves a continuous flow of warm oil on the forehead, in correspondence with what is called the Third Eye. The effect is a very deep relaxation. In fact Ayurvedic medicine recommends this treatment to those suffering from insomnia, stress, nervous tension, sinusitis and to increase the immune system.

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    The massage that knows the language of the body and follows the natural rhythms of life seductively dexterity and natural gestures involve the whole body to restore whole and balance and to relax and bring wellbeing to the body, mind and spirit.

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    Fatigue Legs

    This massage has a balancing effect on the legs, aimed at a deep action with the aim to relax the muscles, relax and loosen the knots created by the physical load. Ideal for people who practice physical activity every day.

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    Decontracting Back

    Special treatment for neck and back aimed at dissolving muscular tension and loosening contractions due to muscular tension or postural errors. Ideal for those who sit many hours, for those suffering from neck pain or back in general.