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SPA Riviera Relax & Benessere

SPA Riviera Relax  Castelsardo Sardinia. Your oasis of wellness and relaxation.

Discover a space dedicated to your beauty and your well-being in a warm and enveloping atmosphere.

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  • Spa 5
    Finnish sauna

    The sauna, thanks to the temperature of about 80 ° C, benefits by eliminating toxins and impurities so it helps the whole body and the skin to remain healthy, in fact you can notice at the end of the sauna a brighter and compact skin. It also has a psychophysical well-being effect deriving from the acceleration of metabolism, which also stimulates blood circulation and relaxation of muscle tissues. It also helps the strengthening of the immune system and benefits those suffering from joint pain, muscle, rheumatism, etc.

  • Spa 6
    Turkish Bath

    The turkish bath is carried out in a humid environment with a temperature of around 42 ° C and 90 to 100% humidity. Sweating is less abundant than inside the sauna, the stay is longer and the final result is that the amount of perspiration sweat is higher. The benefits of the Turkish bath are the dilation of blood vessels, thus promoting the circulation and elimination of toxins, promotes deep cleansing and purification of the skin, promoting cell renewal. The Turkish bath is also recommended for those suffering from respiratory problems including asthma and sinusitis. Thus, thanks to chromotherapy and aromatherapy, a general well-being is achieved.

  • Spa 7

    The hot tub is equipped with a chlorine-free magnapool system, with Magnesium and Potassium sanitization, massage stations and water blade. It is a real source of wellbeing and relaxation, thanks to its hydro jets which exert localized pressures. And thanks to the water temperature of 33 ° / 35 ° it creates a decontracting effect. The whirlpool exercises a vascular and cutaneous massage on the whole body, has the function of activating the blood microcirculation thus favoring the drainage of liquids. It has a light exfoliating action and thanks to the benefits of Magnesium and Potassium a natural cell turnover is obtained, thus eliminating the subcutaneous toxins. So it is a true source of wellness and relaxation.

  • Spa 8

    The Kneipp path consists of walking barefoot along a path made of river pebbles of various sizes, thus obtaining a natural foot massage with draining properties against water retention. Thanks to the hot water which gives a feeling of well-being and dilates the blood vessels, which are restricted to the passage in cold water, cold water invigorates, tones, reduces swelling and a sense of heaviness. The succession of vasodilatation and vasoconstriction represents for our body and for the circulatory system a kind of vascular gymnastics which favors the venous return and reactivates the circulation. This treatment was invented by the monk Sebastian Kneipp, who recovered from tuberculosis through daily immersions in the icy waters of the Danube, and thus studied the therapeutic properties of water, in particular the alternation of temperature.

  • Spa 9

    The route consists in crossing four showers with alternating hot and cold water and chromotherapy and aromatherapy, giving a feeling of relaxation. It also tends to reinvigorate and tone tissues thanks to the narrowing of blood vessels.