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Body treatments

Discover the wide range of natural treatments suitable for every need of your body.

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    The combined action of the massage and the innovative active ingredients contained in the bandages give this treatment a detoxifying, draining and anti-cellulite effect.

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    Peeling with Dead Sea salts

    It has a revitalizing and toning action, a mix of mineral salts and trace elements enriched by the use of an aromatic oil with ten essences, detoxifies the body and gives the skin a smooth and tonic appearance.

  • Body treatments 5
    Coconut scrub and rice milk

    It delicately cleanses the skin by removing toxins and giving a velvety and luminous skin with a sweet and enveloping scent, the properties of rice and coconut milk have a moisturizing effect.

  • Body treatments 6

    Body exfoliation with micronized Brittany salts and aromatic herb tampons enriched with essential oils.

  • Body treatments 7
    Thermal muds

    Draining, anti-cellulite and decontracting action, thus giving a benefit to the inflammation of the muscles.

  • Body treatments 8
    Technispa mary

    Combats cellulite thanks to DERMO-LIPO Aspiration by dynamizing the tissues with an endodermal massage.

  • Body treatments 9
    TechniSpa legs

    Reduces swelling giving comfort and lightness to your legs. With this treatment they will regain their natural beauty with an immediate relief that improves blood circulation and eliminates imperfections such as capillaries or cellulitis.

  • Body treatments 10

    MARY COHR body treatment with a thermoactiveactionreducing, toning, draining and elasticisingthanks to the high concentration of pure extracts of plants and fruits, with trace elements and mineralsalts. Releases a pleasant and beneficialeffectwidespread throughout your body.